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We crawl news sources and rapidly synthesize results for you, using Artificial Intelligence.

Automatically extract strategic insight from trusted sources

Create actionable knowledge from large collections of articles and earning calls for any S&P 500 company. Summarize insights with a SWOT analysis in a beautiful PowerPoint presentation.


A graphic showing the SWOT components strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
Our awesome features

A PowerPoint presentation that is ready for prime time

The SWOT Bot automatically generates a fully editable presentation that summarizes all relevant insights

Top-down communication

The insights from all articles are summarized for each dimension in a list of crucial SWOT topics

Details on demand

All SWOT topics are backed by a slide that gives a detailed overview of evidences from the sources

Direct link to evidences

Evidences in all SWOT topics are directly linked to their sources

Latest company data

Pricing data from the last 12 months and historical revenues are included in every presentation

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